Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Need Paint

I think I need paint. Sigh

I like colour. A lot. All you have to do is recall my studio photos to see the bright yellow on the walls.
Colour like that is only good for small rooms, accent spaces and is best used with care. There is a lot of white furniture in my study, plus a ton of white built in shelving. In my wee study, it works.

In spaces that are larger, with a greater sense of space, I like warm rich tones, softened by gray so that they provide a soft background for our day to day lives. They don't make a statement but they are definite colours and they are not beige.

The upstairs, where the guest room is located, is a soft sage green. Muddy. Neutral. Restful. The outside mirroring the inside, if you will.

My plan was to paint the bedroom in the lighter coordinating 1 off white shade of the same green, and fill the room with bits and pieces of things:
the lovely linens I was given by our Ukrainan family,
a lovely simpler than simple hardanger throw I made a long time ago. The plan was to make curtains/drapes of some sort with the acres of the soft green ramie fabric I have left (originally a 50 cent per metre find in the discount bin at the fabric store). I thought about placing another hardanger panel on the drapes to tie it together. I have a few doilies and pillow covers that will fit in wonderfully too. A touch of old and an homage to handwork and beautiful fabrics.

Yet I find myself in a conundrum this morning. The only thing I have enough of to paint an entire bedroom, is a single, full, untouched can of beige. It is a dark beige, warm chinchilla beige to be exact, but it is, none the less, beige. Not enough of the soft green to shake a stick at.

So I will be off to town rather than painting today. The upside is I'll be going to Tuesday Knitting.

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Knitting Alchemist said...

You are so right with the colours thing. My bathroom is being painted right now and the colour I chose is quite a bit darker than the colour that was there before, and which I was trying to match. But I LOVE the new colour; it's so deep and rich! I can't wait to see what another coat'll do.

I think you were so right to disregard the beige. The room will be lovely when you're done and I hope you post many, many pics!