Friday, 19 February 2010

Finish Two!

Finish number two.

The Easy Drop Stitch Scarf. I love these bright colours (much more vivid in life) and I really enjoyed knitting it. Knit knit, floop, knit, floop, floop, knit floop, floop, floop. It was just fun. It feels good to have the pile looking just a little smaller.

The brown sweater is ready for class. Both front and back are ready for the shoulder saddles, and as soon as the class is done, I will sit down and start to knit them. In truth it is hard to have to wait to finish it, but class sample that it is, it must wait.

As I knit on my variety of socks, a couple of shawls, and the mohair sweater I'd like to get done, the one thing that tumbles through my mind is what is next. I do have that little 'Next' silk Kerchief homage in my bag to knit on, but that is just a little fill in project to knit on whilst visiting with friends. It is instead of sock knitting. The big next is what I am thinking of as I work now.

I have a lovely collection of yarns I am thinking of. There is the soft blue Royal Tweed, that is slated for the Susie Hoodie and I'd like to do that so that I have something nice to wear once winter coats are no longer required.

There is a really gorgeous cedar coloured Blue Faced Leicester from Fleece Artist that is going to be the Portland Tweed Vest from The Curvy Knits series Cambridge booklet. It has been on the nest list for weeks now.

There are three cones and a few stray balls of Treliske, an organic natural coloured yarn (no longer available) that is the perfect sort of yarn for my copy of Twisted Stitch Knitting book. The call to knit these patterns is strong.

And then besides all these things, there is a host of crisp lean fresh summer yarns waiting to be knit and a need for light weight summer tops. Louet's pure linen Euroflax, Elsbeth Lavold's Bamboucle, and the strong vibrant dense colours of the simple and simply marvelous Butterfly Cotton.

So many wonderful yarns, so many fine ideas for good things to knit and to wear.

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