Wednesday, 24 February 2010

If it were Friday

If it were Friday the painting would be done, and I could sit and knit. If it were Friday, the two pairs of socks I am working on would be done and I would have reached my goal for the Olympic challenge. If it were Friday, I could pull out the new knitting and start to work non it rather than these tired old projects.

Aye there is the rub. Friday or not, I really wish I were knitting on a new yarn and a new project. (This is why this is an Olympic size challenge.) I'm sticking with my old projects, but am finding an inordinate number of reasons not to knit. I might consider painting a subterfuge except I am not getting a lot done there either.

I am making good progress on both pairs of socks that I picked to finish up my challenge. One pair is lovely and are a pleasure to work on. The only reason they have not been completed was the shawl binge of 2009. The other is a real problem pair.

It is a sock made out of Patons Stretch yarn. It's a fine yarn, but the colour is deeply uninspiring. The only reason I am finishing these is because I need socks and because there is just no sock yarn that is too ugly and uninspiring to wear.

I have about two inches of knitting, and heels to go to make these suckers a pair and I will get there, but I am starting to doubt the too ugly and uninspiring to wear part.

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Sandra said...

I have some of that yarn, and you're right - it's a bit drab. I haven't yet been able to cast on with it.