Thursday, 7 January 2010

Желаю тебе счастливого Рождества!

and if you don't know what that means, it pretty much says Merry Christmas!

I think I am going to do the plain red sweater. I just really need the a plain red sweater and more and more, I have a picture of exactly what I want it to look like sitting firmly in my head.

No plain neckline for me. I am going to aim for a deeper slow sloped v, think of Mrs. Darcy if that explains it. Not so low cut, perhaps. I don't know if that would suit a full busted person, but that same gentle v shape is what I am hoping to get. If I can figure it all out correctly, I'll have pictures for you before the end of the day.

There might be a little knitting on something green and soft today as well, but if there is, telling you more will hold to Friday.

There will be red knitting today, there will be reading of a 'red' book too. I picked up a copy of The Red Tent, by Anna Diamante. I tried reading Rob Roy but it seemed to move so slowly. I tried a book called the Historian by Elisabeth Kostova, but that one would have given me nightmares. The Red Tent is from a few years ago and is one of those softer novels that borders on fluff, but has just a wee bit too much substance to go quite so low. It re-interprets the story of Dinah, daughter to Leah and Jacob.

Not literature, but then, not everything can be. Sort of like my red sweater. Not couture, but then, not everything can be.

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