Friday, 8 January 2010

On a Friday

On a Friday you should be able to look back at a week and say 'I accomplished something'. Friday is a good day for taking stock of all the things you meant to do and balance them against what happened. I think I did OK this week.

Not huge amounts of knitting, but enough that I am content with what I did. The red sweater is well on its way, finished to the underarms but not quite ready for photos or fitting just yet. It is still at that geeky looking stage where the parts hang in bits rather than fit as a cohesive whole.
My work today is going to be to get it to a good place to assess the fit.

I have enjoyed reading this book. I'm about half way through it. While I am not engaged completely, I am enamoured enough to be looking for ways to fit reading in the corners of the day where I can' t knit and I am inventing a few new corners too.

I have a plant. A nice big fern that fits just right in the plant stand I have had for a very long time. It ought to be just the right kind of plant for my bright sunny dining room.

And I spent some time listening to music. I have wanted to try it on my new computer, but never got around to it yet. Last night I pulled out my geeky little ear buds

and listened to Placido Dominogo and John Denver sing that loveliest of ballads, Perhaps Love, and to Susan Boyle on her debut performance and a single from her CD, and a few other bits and pieces of things I have not heard for a while. It was nice except for one little thing.

Geeky, yet cool rubber ducky ear buds don't actually fit well If it wouldn't have been for transcendent music, I'd have turfed the ear pieces before the second note.

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Mrs. Spit said...

They are exceedingly cool. I can see how they would be uncomfortable though. Why is life like that, all the cool stuff is uncomfortable.