Friday, 11 December 2009

Well yes but...

Speed Bridal knitting? I guess it is. And no small thing it is. I accept that, but I almost feel as if I cheated.

The 198 yds. of Heaven shawl is as easy as pie. The sad Wisp was truly a problem but it was dead easy. The Swallowtail was supposed to be easy, but I could not get the border and I clearly cheated. ( Don't think I'm sorry at all.) And the Cinnamon Grace is mostly stockinette, but it is really cute and I think will suit my new daughter in law better than the Wisp. They might be lace, but they are smallish, the lot of them.

So I don't know about speed knitting, but it has been...umm... intense. But I only work 3 days a week, so I do have time.

My house is about to fall apart though. There really shouldn't be any excuse. There are things that seem to be creeping out of the fridge that I am afraid to acknowledge. There is enough clutter around this house, that if an archeologist stopped by, he would feel compelled to report a historic find and may even wonder if he is in the cave of a link between bigfoot and humankind.

It is scary enough that I am considering hiring a cleaning service to save me while I am gone. Maybe I could tell Mr. Needles that Santa did it? Mrs. Claus? The Elves?

Can Christmas really be this close? Will the Needles household ever get a tree put up? Will there be holiday knitting? Do we have time for dinner?

Tune in on the weekend for frequent updates. Or maybe not. It depends how the shawl knitting goes. (but it is looking really good)


Mrs. Spit said...

Hire the cleaning service. You and your sanity are so worth it!

Sigrun said...

Are you sure you're not describing my house? I like the idea of a cleaning service, but if it were I, I'd have to hurry and clean before the cleaning ladies came to save myself embarassment.