Thursday, 10 December 2009

Found it.

Once the idea to knit that lovely moebius entered my head, I had to go in search of the right needles. I wasn't sure if we had a bamboo needle that long at the store, but yippeeee, one 47 inch bamboo needle is now mine. Good to go.

Just need to print the pattern and I am set. Travel sock knitting needs sorting but that is easy. Just dig in the bin for a yarn, and toss the needles in the sock knitting bag and good to go.

Bridal knitting almost at the full length it needs to be before starting to decrease stitches, and then it is only the lacy bit on the edge. That won't take too long. It is a cheery simple to knit ruffle. The bind off is one I have done before, so I anticipate completion in good time. I must reserve Monday for blocking. Good to go.

And packing. And washing clothes before they are packed.

It will be nice when all is said and done, to just sit and knit for me again.


Sandra said...

I am in awe of the speed of bridal knitting. What with everything else, you just whip off three of four shawls? Wow. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Christine said...

We missed you at Craft 'n' Chat on Wednesday, but understand that you are just a wee bit busy these days. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all about everything when you get back.