Monday, 14 December 2009

Details, details

Updated to add photos 10:57 a.m.

Today is all about details. Do I have my...did I... Am I taking...

I did a lot of knitting on the weekend. I think I barely made it, though you know how it is, I would have done it somehow, but here I am ready to go. Some of the shawls are blocking and I will get photos up as soon as they are ready. Here is the number one most important shawl, the Bride's shawl.

Its really lovely, just exactly the right width, the right colour, the right softness. The ruffle balances the top garter edge just so. It is the right length. Not too long to get in the way when you wear it as a shawl. Not too short to wear as a scarf. It lays just right on the shoulder and graces the wearer with elegance. In a world of rights this is it.

Yarn: Punta Yarns Mericash Solid, Merino and Cashmere, 3 skeins (but only 2 ruffle rows and bind off into the third skein)
Mods: My yarn was smaller than the pattern is asking for. I knit repeats of pattern one till I had the depth I was looking for, about 48 stitches in the stockinette section, and used a plain bind off rather than the picot bind off.

The Mother of the Bride's shawl is blocked and is now almost ready to come off for its final finishing. (weaving of ends etc.)

Does this picture make you dizzy?

Yarn: Misti Alpaca Baby Suri Silk Alpaca 3 full skeins
Mods: Extra repeat of the pattern and no edging.

And finally, the Grandma of the Bride's shawl.

Swallowtail by
yarn: Amber Autumn alpaca and silk blend, about 400 metres
Mods: I ran out of time to figure out the edging, so I ended with a plain garter edge. I really would have liked to understand where my error was and may knit this again for myself. Lovely pattern, but the knitter was the flaw. Had I known the edge would end up lain, I might have knit the nupps.

It wasn't that hard to find someone smarter than me. Took the card out, read it on the computer in Windows Explorer and zip. Bad photos gone.

Local time in Kyiv
Monday, December 14, 2009
8:27:46 PM

And counting.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. Have fun! GD

Anonymous said...

So lovely, all of them. Best wishes for a safe trip and a great time.


Mrs. Spit said...

You know this, but you rock!