Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Rainey Inspiration

Inspiration is an interesting thing. What is it that catches our brain and becomes that which drives us to pursue some sort of a goal? How will we know it when we see it? What if we pass it by a thousand times before it catches us and becomes something amazing to us. What is magic but those times when we see a thing but once and it inspires us? This morning, I cruised my blog list looking for something, anything, that would spark my brain this morning. I felt really slow, sluggish and a little worn out and tired.

I'm trying to think of what to knit when I travel. It is more an undercurrent to my days rather than a must get this done and yet it concerns me. I worry a little about flying with an unoccupied brain. I have done it before, but those flights gave rise to a sort of tension about flying. I will knit socks on the plane, but even that, in the nicest yarn available is only good for so many hours. I have almost 14 hours of airtime, one way, and a little waiting in the airport time to fill. I keep thinking lace would be a great alternative.

I saw the pattern on the Rainey Sisters blog this morning. It caught my attention before and occupies a place on the list of things I want to do. I even purchased yarn with it in mind.

It took a few moments for a connection to be made this morning, but the yarn shouted down the hall from my study to Mr. Needles study, and made enough noise so I remembered it. An urge to knit this pattern rose strong and fierce. Really fierce.

The yarn is wound gently and is ready to go. The pattern seems easy enough to remember and once understood, certainly ought to be simple enough for knitting on a plane yet be enough to keep my feeble mind occupied. My only question is would I be able to get a 47 inch long bamboo needle on a plane even if it was loaded with any many little lacy stitches which held it in one round moebius shape? Would I be a fool to try?

I'm thinking, fool that I am, I'm going to try. If it can just get me over the Atlantic, I'll be set. Now all I need is a lace project in case the airport security people don't like my needles. Calling all lace patterns using short needles...

I might have been sluggish when I sat down at this keyboard but the combination of a fine pattern and a nice yarn have inspired me and charged my day with goodness. Thank you Rainey Sisters, for the boost.

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lv2knit said...

I'm thrilled you are inspired!! The only trick is the cast on, so check out Cat's video if you have never done it before -- it made it easier for me to get started!! Good luck and happy travels!