Friday, 16 October 2009

Screwy weather

Our weather has been just a little odd this year.  Summer was cold and dry and then really hot and dry, then cold and dry and September was extremely weirdly hot and dry. Autumn is continuing the trend.  

What is wrong with these pictures?

This was yesterday morning, just as I was heading out to work.  There was a couple of inches of fresh snow and in almost every way, it was a nice morning.  

I'm sure you have all noticed the leaves on the trees.  September was so warm here, with no good killing frost until a day or so before the first snowfall.  Only a few trees have lost their leaves, and a few are turned yellow.  The rest are green leaved and ought to look quite pretty on a nice sunny day.  But unless the weather warms significantly very soon, the leaves will stay frozen on the trees till spring.  

Our forecast for today is warmer. The week ahead looks a little warmer, so maybe the leaves will have time to turn and fall.  If they don't it's going to be a hard winter for the trees.

October snow is fairly a normal event.  Halloween is snowy as soon as not.  But the green leaves?  Its almost disturbing with all the green here amongst the snow.  

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