Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday Morning

And because this is Canada,

this was our view bright and early Sunday morning.  The only snow remaining was a small pile where made when Mr. Needles shoveled the inches of snow off the deck.

On the upside, it is as much moisture as we have had all year, and it went into the ground.  We sorely needed it.

The knitting continues apace  but it is incredibly boring for blogging.  I am on to the front of the sweater I am working on in the Phil Light.  I worked on socks, but finished none.  I knit on the River Valley Shawl, but stopped last night when I found an error.  I knit on the Ilga Leja capelet.  I could not seem to settle.

I want to knit more on the sweater.  I can't wait to see it complete but I think the miles of stockinette are driving me batty after all the intense lace of summer.

When I could not settle to knit, I made yarn cakes.

This photo does absolutely no justice to the richness of this yarn.  Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester 2/8.  Sigh. It makes me want to spin the BFL I have in the fibre stash.  It is soft and strong, not the smooshy goodness of merino, but its own incredible take on just what soft is.  I ought to have ordered 2.  Still might source another.

Todays work is going to center around a blanket.  The owners of the coffee shop where we meet on Tuesdays had their first little one, and it felt right to knit them a blanket.  It is out of a lovely organic Cotton called Sprout, a sweet periwinkle blue.  It just needs  a little finishing. Seeing as the baby is 'finished' it is time for the blanket to be the same.

I really ought to go do some work now but I still feel deeply unsettled in my bones.  Antsy.  That is what it is.  I could be driven batty by the urge to knit a thousand things at once, without the will to stick to any of them.  I might be driven to doing the laundry.  Housework and cleaning the kitchen can't be far behind.   Sweet heaven, save me.  

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