Thursday, 15 October 2009

Full Speed Ahead

I came home from work yesterday feeling mildly better about the shirt and picked it up, compared it to another shirt I  like to wear, and just began to knit again.  I haven't used a full ball of yarn yet and be darned.  I can get another ball of it if I need it.  

I am just about at the armscye and the only doubt I have is the amount of decreases and increase used to make the shaping. Being short and rounded as I am, there just isn't a lot of distance between the hip curve and the bust curve.  The increases and decreases come a little faster, meaning the curve is sharper.  I'm actually wondering if I should shape at all.  It is entirely possible that what would work best for me is no shaping.  

The other reason the curve appaers more agressive is the magic of how I am making this top work for me without a lot of calculations.  On the bottom portion, to compensate for my more generous dimensions, I am simply using a lager needle.  The increased gauge is working.  It measures just about right against the shirt I paired it with last night for comparison.  

Shirt fit = OK, sweater fit = OK.  That is what I am hoping will happen.  

My last worry is length.  I know the legnth I'd like this to be, but I am not sure I have enough knit at the bottom to get there.  My fallback position is that I can take off the cast on edge, and simply knit down.  That one is easy, I just really hope I don't have to do it.  (knitting down will be my solution too, if the shaping is wrong too.  Snip it off, redo knitting down)

The biggest surprise in all of this is the yarn.  There have always been some Phildar yarns I like, but with their emphasis on blends with a low wool content,   they do get short shrift here and they do get short shrift from me.  They just have not inpsired me.  They never hit my imagination and made me want to knit them.  They never made me need to knit them.  This isn't an in your face yarn.  It isn't shouting at you to love it.  It isn't going to make you weak at the knees.  It is not a yarn that yarn that will bowl you over, but sometimes it is the quiet ones you ought to search out. From the moment i saw this yarn, I needed to knit it.

Phil Light, is quite nice.  Perhaps it is its haze of fibres, but it just feels warm as it slips along the needles. It isn't like knitting with wool, it surely isn't  like knitting with Kid Silk Haze, but it is really...nice. It is the sort of knitting that somehow just makes you sigh with contentment as you knit.  There is an ease in it, a peace and restfulness that is unexpected.  

I'm going to go knit a little more on it now.  I have a couple of hours before I have to be at work and starting the day feeling peace and ease on my hands is nice.   Just nice.  Really nice. 

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