Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mille Colori

Long ago, I had some fanciful thoughts about Mille Colori, and it would seem it is a seasonal thing. I find myself once again with Mille Colori that spoke to me and is now waiting to be knit.

Mille Colori is a yarn I am always in danger of buying for no reason but that I like it.

I really enjoyed knitting the little Fan Neckwarmers and as cold as it was over Christmas, I resolved to make one just for me. The bitter cold made me want a good pair of handwarmers to wear over my leather driving gloves too. While restocking, it came to me. Mille Colori.

Mille Colori has softly waving colour. The colourway I'm using is shades of rose brown taupes with a little blue and green (though the green looks brown here) and purple thrown in for good measure. The change between colours is much more dramatic than with Noro's long slow shift, but it is not sharp by any means. There are none of those long stretches where everything is that dishwater brown that you get with some Noro colourways. It isn't an understated yarn though the colourway I have chosen is. Some of the colourways are quite brilliant, shocking even.This is not a pure wool. It is a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic, but it has a lovely lovely hand. I have a real affinity for Langs bouncy silk and wool blend, Silk Dream, and in a lot of ways this feels similar. It is smooth to the touch, warm exactly when you need it to be warm, bouncy in all the right ways, dramatic where you might need just a little drama. How they do these things with yarn, I don't know, but I have a feeling that somewhere within the spinning mills of Lang, there is a master at work, making all sorts of yarns feel good.

My variation of The Maine Morning wristwarmers (made larger to accomodate the yarn) and Fan Neckwarmer are small projects, easy to carry with me, no complicated stitch pattern. It is going to be a change from socks to knit while knitting with friends, lest they think socks are all I ever knit.

I'm looking forward to having a pretty pair of wristwarmers, and a nice little scarfy neckwarmer for my very own. There is a lot of winter left, and to ward off the chill is good.

(And if anyone is keeping track, I finished Burnning Bright and I am moving on to a third novel. There is plenty of time to finsih another up before the end of the month!)

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karen said...

gorgeous wool and it looks so much like silk.