Thursday, 22 January 2009

Busy week

I'm working extra days this week, helping cover for vacations. this week is going to be all about small projects. I was hoping for more, but small projects it is.

I'm not sure if it is the season, but a lot of people I know are digging into their bin of UFOs. It may be that this after holiday lull, makes us just want to tidy up, clear out the courses, swab the deck (My next novel is Master and Commander. Beware gratuitous and poor usage of naval terminology)and be ready for the new season ahead.

I finished up a couple of oldies but I have two big things to go. I really have to get SS's sweater finished and then there is the much sadder need to fix my sweater. When I worked the bottom band, I knew there was a problem. You can see how it pulls up. One of the store ladies pointed out the problem. Closed yarn overs. Just after vacation I tried a plan for short rows to fix it, but found that did not work. I really meant that the next thing I would do was to see if I could drop down stitches to solve the problem. I planned to do it before doing anything else, but here it is, 3 weeks, and I have not even thought of it, much less touched it or even moved it around. It has once again been placed out of sight out of mind. Only I'm not forgetting it. I really must get this moving so I can go forward.

Once I finish up this next week or so worth of small projects, I am going to do it. I'll work on the sweater struggle and alternate with the play I will get working on the swatch bag for the fair Isle Vest. One good project, one bad project, one happy, one sad, one old, one new.

I've been working on finding a better balance in my life. I just never thought balance was going to leak into my knitting.

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