Friday, 14 December 2007

Fairy Tales for Grumpy Sorts

If I were a grumpy sort, I'd leave everything up that I posted first thing this morning. But I am not and its the holidays, and I'm tired of being grumpy. Besides after a wee bit of knitting while I was waiting for reports, the 3rd go round of the hand warmers is going to be just right.

And so far better than my earlier post, here is a treat for you.

Late Breaking Fairy Tales:

The knitter awoke before dawn and heard faint cries. The knitter could not make out what the sound was, but she thought it must be a soft winter breeze stirring blowing warm air her way. The voices started very faint, soft. She kept listening and the calls grew stronger. Finally just before lunch, the voices were a bit louder and the knitter heard what the voices said. 'Free me' said one voice. 'Help me' said another. The calls were so urgent and so sorrowful that knitter knew she had to go. The knitter followed the soft but urgent cries, down the path, across the river to a small but very friendly looking sort of shop.

The knitter kept going, wandering around, following the voices. Finally she thought she found the voice calling softly 'free me'. She saw it was poor lonely slightly handled hank of Handmaiden 2 ply Silk Cashmere from the high hangers in the sock yarn corner. It cried out for release. It told the knitter that it had just one wish in life. It just wanted the chance to be made into something for someone special, for someone who would love it and care for it for always. The knitter knew she could do this for the yarn. She knew there was a special someone out there that would treasure this yarn and what would be made from it.

The knitter still heard the voice saying 'Help me', so she kept looking. The Handmaiden softly whispered 'lower, far down'.

There on the bottom tray of the sweet little yarn rack in a basket was the last of its kind.One sad lonely skein of Lang Mille Colori. Mille was afraid it was going to be tossed into the bin of ends, in the dark back of the shop where it would perish among the bin of single skeins of sock yarn. It was worried. It begged the knitter, 'take me with you, help me find something I can be with'.

There in the back corner among all the fancy yarns, the silks and the laces, sat a big soft sage Misti Alpaca Chunky. It was surrounded by friends and family, Misti's of all sizes and twists, Alpacas of many brands, but it turned and saw the little orphan skein of Mille Colori. It jumped up and gave the Mille a big hug, and said 'I'll be your friend'. It didn't care one bit that it was 100 % baby alpaca, and Mille was a 50% wool- 50% acrylic mix. It felt that all yarns were really the same inside. The wise Misti knew that yarns all just wanted to be something warm and soft.
So the Knitter, Handmaiden, Misti and Mille, all went to the counter to take care of the bill. Misti and Mille found a tidy corner where they are right this very minute having a good getting to know you chat about their hopes and dreams. Handmaiden is right there with them, but she busy just now checking out the needles in the comfy work bag they are sitting in, and the knitter is dreaming of just what comes next.

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Gina said...

What a great story! It made me smile. I have been grumpy too lately...we must not be scrooges or grinches!!!!!