Monday, 27 October 2008

Small mercies

Sometimes when I get up early in the morning, I read a bit and gander among my various bags, debating what to work on. This morning, I went directly to the sweater, and finished the 2nd sleeve. All that is left now is to put it together, knit the hood, and redo the front button band. So close, yet so far.

That early burst of success moved me forward to get the balls ready for the next little project.

What is that you say? Little projects? It seems that I do big projects and little projects. I don't think this is uncommon among knitters at all. The little ones are a reward for finishing a big project. Drat it all, I haven't finished the sweater, now have I, but this yarn was sitting there, shouting out my name, insisting it get equal time.

The yarn is Noro Kureyon sock yarn, and is in the tan/brown/ black colourway. This colourway has not been moving much at the store, and yet, I love these soft colours better than any of the bright strong ones. It speaks to me of elegance and warmth and the earth.

In my wandering through shawls the other day, drawn to colour as I was, I came across this shawl. The Simple Yet Effective Shawl from Cosmicpluto Knits. Instantly I could see these soft striking colours switching back and forth between stockinette and garter. It will be a small shawl, but its is going to be a really good display for the yarn and with a yarn like anything Noro, showing the colour to its best advantage is a must.

I thought I would just wind the balls and get ready to knit this evening, after I blocked the sweater parts, but I had a few minutes to knit so I began. I knit for a bit and noticed the clock was dangerously just past 7:00. By 7:00 I must be at the desk writing the blog, or the blog will be in peril for the day.

So I knit a little bit more.

I knit to the end of the second section of garter, and looked up again. Half an hour? How could half an hour have gone by so fast?

So here I am at the desk typing lighting speed, so that I can blog and still be ready to leave for work on time. Thank goodness I did my laundry before I began to knit this morning, or right about now I would be wondering what I earth I owned that was clean.

Small mercies, indeed. I wish I could say it was good planning, (Good planning would have included charging the camera batteries, so I could show you photos of this advneture) but, I did not plan to fall down this rabbit hole it just happened.


Knitting Alchemist said...

Wow, you get a lot done in the wee hours! What time do you have to go to bed at night to be up that early? As a confirmed night owl, I can hardly fathom what you accomplish so early in the day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shelley. I'm a night owl but you really do alot. Can't wait to see the shawl. I have it qued. I bet it will look super in the noro.


Sandra said...

I have that colourway of Noro Sock, and thought of the exact same pattern! It's actaully printed out and sitting near the wool...