Friday, 24 October 2008

Planning and taking it as it comes.

I'm quite sure that others see interesting things on the net all the time. I usually get lost among one thing when I planned on looking at something quite different.

I got lost yesterday looking at shawls on Ravelry. I found some really interesting things, like Cuspid, a short row colour shawl worked in a very interesting way. And Anni's shawl (click on the picture to make it bigger). And then there was colourfulknitter's Vagabond Poncho. I can't link to it but do go to Ravelry and check it out.

What caught my eye yesterday was colour. Bright rich strong colour. I'm no doubt being influenced by all the fair isle I have been looking at. Or maybe I'm trying to hold on to fall by thinking of the rich purples and bright golds and rich warm reds.

Either way, it was lovely wandering lost through the shawls, enjoying but not really planning. If I was planning, I'd have to clear a couple other shawls out of the way first. If I was planning, I'd have to say that the next thing on the list is a vest, and some scarves, and various other holiday knitting. But that was if I was planning, rather than just taking it as it comes.

This whole winter will probably be fair isle games. The vest, which is next up, since it was asked for. A pillow top for me (see Eunny Jang's Delft pillow top in the Interweave H0ldiay Gifts ), and maybe even a plain sweater for me too. And socks, and maybe a tea cozy... I'll take those as it comes.

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