Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Its everywhere, Its everywhere!

I see that it's not just me taking a liking to this shawl, its a lot of you. My work so far.

I came home a little late so I am not as far along as I had hoped, but it is progressing rather nicely. I am pleased with everything about this shawl to the point that it was painful to come down to the computer to blog.

Its that kind of project. Its very simple, but there is lots to keep you going. Just when you are about to get bored, you have to switch something, changing the balls you are working from, or the changing from garter to stockinette. If those are not enough to entertain you, then wait a minute, something about the colour will change in the way only a Noro yarn can.

It shows how distressingly little it takes to keep me entertained but I take some consolation that not everything has to be complicated to teach me a thing or two. (This one is teaching me how distressingly little it takes to keep me entertained.)

I did rip it back to the beginning last evening. I wondered if I would get a better effect if colours on both balls were more sequential. That might very well have been the goal of splitting it into two balls. If you did that, just imagine how long the colourways would be as you worked this up. I wound both colours up on the ball winder, one from the outside strand and one from the inside strand, so imagine the difference if I had wound them up in a regular ball, so that the ball wound from the outside would be worked from what was the inside of the yarn from the original skein. I can see all kinds of interesting ways to play with the look of the shawl just by making small changes.

I did play around with it, and decided, that nope, this shawl, fate and Mr. Noro are in the drivers seat. The colours are going to be just as they come.

At just 450 yards, this is going to be more of a shawlette, than a full sized shawl. I can see another long colourway version in the future, using two balls of yarn softly waving these gorgeous tones across my shoulders.

I can also see this yarn worked up in a feather and fan pattern, Shetland style, or maybe a la Shoalwater Shawl. I'm going to get a lot of dreaming mileage out of this shawl.

OK, back to knitting. That is enough of this blogging thing. I have an obsession to work with.

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