Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thanking Ravelry

For the last little bit, we've been trying to get a regular evening knitting group going locally. We being myself and another knitter. A lot of people have stopped and talked to us, a few have said they'd like to come, but so far it is just we two.

Last evening, a lady stopped by who said, you must be the Ravelers. she had forgotten to put her knitting in her car but stopped and talked till she had to leave.

It got me to thinking how many people I have met from knitting, but also from Ravelry. In my day to day world, it is meeting local to me people that has been Ravelry's greatest blessing. It got me to thinking how limited my circle of friends was before. Small offices are lovely places to work, but when you combine a workload and volume stress, a small office and long days, there just wasn't a lot of time to find people who enjoyed the things I like. I didn't have the energy.

Ravelry has linked me with so many fine people, that today is going to be my own private Thanks to Ravelry day. I'm going to head over there, and click all the add links I can. I'll probably find all sorts of new and interesting things too.

Maybe I should go hide my wallet first.

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Marlyn said...

Congratulations for the nod on LimenViolet!
My sister lives in Edmonton. What yarn store do you work at? Please feel free to email me privately if you like.