Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The simple life.

In order to make it to knitting group, I have to go to do old work really early. I hope to be able to knit while I contemplate old work.

Thankfully I have several socks on the go. The first set of Big Fabel socks are done and went into wear before I could get a picture, but it is OK, the second is on the needles. I have a black gift pair just past the toes so I can do lots of easy knitting and I have a third simple set of afterthought blanks in the bag just in case I run out simple knitting on the first two.

Lots of good simple knitting to keep me focused on what is real and true in life.

Writing that down, it strikes me that this is a strange way to look at the world, that socks are a metaphor for what is important in my life. Well socks and legumes (but legumes are another story) if you must know.

Socks are so basic, so needed here when it is cold. They are an article of clothing you would be hard pressed to go without in some form or other.

Socks are warmth and comfort in cold times.

Socks (and legumes) mean providing what is necessary to those I love, giving them the pleasure of ease and comfort, and having a wee bit of fun doing it.

Spiffy self patterning sock yarn is just the gravy of my life.

(which is how legumes tie into socks, but it still is another story)

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Knitting Alchemist said...

I love the way you say it my friend. You are so right...