Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Silly little things.

After knitting on the Big Fabel socks for a while, I found my hands getting sore. Well, not sore really, just tired. It is entirely possible the needles I am using are a wee bit small for the yarn. They are a 3.25 mm needles, and the resulting fabric is good and firm, but there is a point where firm becomes wrong. I'll knit a little more, but if it doesn't get to be fun soon, I'll pull them off and restart the socks on 4mm needles.

Considering the many other socks in my bag, one might assume that I picked up another sock. Nope. Just before leaving, a box of perilously piled patterns fell off a table, and out popped a pattern for some beer bottle cozies. I was instantly inspired and grabbed a bag of sock yarn odds and ends to work with. This happened. The beer bottle cozy pattern was knit in pieces and sewn together but it seemed to me this would be better worked top down with minimal sewing. The result fits a beer, the scale is almost right, and though it has problems in the arm areas, I'll get it worked out. I can see some truly fun knitting in my future. Silly little things.

While attempting to find the pattern that inspired me for proper attribution, I found these cozies. If you don't know what to knit this year for holiday gifts, consider cozies. Every man in your life who drinks beer could probably use beer cozies, every tea tippler needs a pot cozy. There are gems out there. I'll highlight some of the seriously silly and good basics to get you started.

cozy 1

cozy 2

which isn't a cozy but made me laugh

cozy 4, worthy for the name if nothing else

cozy 5

the master of all cozy collection

Never did find the cozy pattern I was inspired by but I can tell you I saw it via Shut Up I'm Counting (link on the sidebar)

Let your silly knitter out for a romp. Be cozy.

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