Monday, 22 September 2008

Mixed bags

Today is what I would call a mixed bag.

First off, Happy Birthday to son 3. My early fall baby, born in a September snowstorm. I'll call you later.

And then, most exciting. I underspun wool!

I don't know if this is really underspun or not. I've never seen well spun wool in singles on the bobbin. What I do know is that my usual spinning is 1000 twists per inch. It has been so tight that between the orfice and the bobbin, there would be little twistlets forming on the yarn. Right at the top of the picture, you can see one twistlet, though that does look like where I want to get after plying, this was purposefully underspun to learn control. All the weight in the base works. Yippeee.

Next up, some really nice yarn from Berocco, Alpaca Ultra Fine. I suppose it could be a sock yarn, it does have 30% nylon in it, but it is so very very nice to feel and its colour is so deeply cherry that it is going to be a shawl for me. I am in the deciding stage for a pattern right now. It is a strong coloured yarn, and I want to play that up. I am considering Agatha (available as a Ravelry download) which I never did get to yet. I think it would make a beautiful Agatha.

And next, if there are earthy delights in fall, surely it includes these. Photos by Mr. Needles

Who wouldn't find fall the loveliest of seasons with these colours around?


Knitting Alchemist said...

That alpaca does scream Agatha. It'll be gorgeous in that. And those pictures are lovely. If I lived with that in my environment, I'd never leave home...

dmd said...

Love the fall colour pictures, we are behind this year (I think) still only hints of the glory to come. Thanks for the reminder of what is to come and great shots by Mr. Needles.