Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Some people have no idea about size.

I went to the mailbox last night and found the package from Modeknit as expected, but I also found a large package. I wasn't expecting anything, so I assumed it was for SS. She later asked me when I was going to open up my package, because she and son1 were dying to know what was in there.

It was from my friend Mostlylurking. I was expecting an envelope from her. She emailed to let me know it was on the way, she claimed it was small, just some little things she found that she thought might interest me. This is what I was expecting. There are at least 4 new to me stitches in the little crochet booklet. The Lion Brand booklet of afghans is great. The designs are all based on quilt patterns and I know of two that were instantly on the do list. There are probably more. I liked these books, but I found myself distracted.

The rest of the 'little' package was filled with this.

As I opened the little gift wrapped packages, I cried. I touched that lace yarn and cried at its softness. The greens have stayed remarkably true to colour but the soft greys are a wee bit more prominent than they really are.

This lovely Fino alpaca and silk is like looking into the forest in the back yard. Deep, soft colours where surely mists cling. Enchanting yarn.

She sent needles too. 3.25 mm circular needles of bamboo. These lovely things are not at all related to the bamboo needles I have at home. These glow in your hands and are warm and light and whisper, knit with me.

And she sent me some of these, which delight me to no end.

And finally, there was the book, Arctic Lace. It's more than a book. It is history, it is ancient stories, it is culture then and now of the people who were there before Alaska.It is also the story of a positive movement to make the lives of women in villages better. It is also the story of lace and fabric, and using what the land and nature gives you.

I'll tell you more later, but right now, I'm just going to hug this book to my heart, this yarn and these other little treats to my heart, and I am going to bask in the warmth of a thought, a gift from a friend.

Yes my friend Mostlylurking has an odd sense of the true size of things. Anyone who knows her would agree that her sense of size is based on the size of her heart. Her heart is quite simply, big.

So sometimes I guess I cry when I get mail, but its all good. Really really good.


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! I'm glad to know that the box got there safely - I was afraid Customs might get hold of it and not let go. It started out as just the few little things - and I knew you had to have Arctic Lace - and then some lace weight alpaca. The Fino spoke to me - it said "Needles' woods!". And bamboo needles work so well with alpaca. I'm happy that I surprised you, just as you did when you came to visit and brought me lovely things. You've got a great big heart, too. (And to be fair, the box is just a small one from Amazon.)


Sandra said...

That's some nice gift - well deserved, I'm sure. The alpaca looks wonderful - deep dark woods touched with frost.
And Arctic Lace! One of my most loved books. It's beside the bed for reading, not just patterns...