Wednesday, 12 December 2007

No knitting, crocheting or

any other hand work last night. I confess, I was just plain old reading. But it was about knitting so I figure I'm still good with the powers that be in the mists of knitting.

I am absolutely enchanted by Arctic Lace. I'm not ready to review it yet, there is just too much there for a morning review. Saturday I'll sit down and really write about the book. The insta-meter rating is Treble, verging on Double Treble.

While I'm busy being enchanted by the book, I'll let you be enchanted by these. Snowflakes that you never have to shovel and others.

In a lot of the pictures, you see the garland I posted about before.

You will see that the lacy bits on the garland are definitely not starched, not even ironed. Most distressingly, several pictures display the dainty tips which hint at icicles, pointing up.

Sometimes things are just better not mentioned to ones garlander and light person. Well not at my house anyway.

What a garland such as this really needs is a good stiff blocking, perhaps some spray starch (though I don't like how that coats the beads) and then it really needs to be hung on branches from an ornament hanger. Maybe next year. I'll aim for starched next year. Or maybe ironed.

But don't hold me to it.

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Gina said...

Beautiful decorations!