Monday, 10 December 2007

A weekends work

I haven't any pictures but I moved along this weekend like nobody's business. The black scarf is complete and a blue one in crochet just needs a little more length, and it's ready too. Tonight I should be easily able to finish that plus get a really good start on the wrist warmers.

There are so many good patterns for wrist warmers out there. Tons, myriads. They are a wonderful project in crochet and knitting. Small time requirements, you can use wool you deem expensive because they take little, and there is a lot of room for creativity. Cables and lacy stitches show up very well and can result in a project for warmth or for dressy looks.

I'm not sure how this man made yarn will work up into warmers. I'm sure it will be fine, but I do have to make them very close to size because the yarn simply does not have the stretch that any wool fabric does. there is a pattern for driving gloves in cotton in the summer Interweave Knits that I'm going to use as my guide to size, and beyond that, well, the underpart is going to be plain. The over part, well, I'm anticipating a lot of fun.

I was looking for beads, but found none in the size that will show up nicely on this yarn. I had seen leaf shapes, but by the time I went back to Micheals, they were gone, though I did pick up some silver disks that might do the trick. I'm a little worried that they will look too flashy. I also found some very tiny seed beads in the perfect colour but they are too small to show up on the yarn, and too tiny to work in. If It gets down to these tiny beads as the finishing touch, they will be worked on some very fine black thread in at least 2 layers of alternating loops. But there will be some kind of snazzy edging.

I will post pictures of my adventures on the morrow. That is just how this feels. Adventurous, like there is so much of the world out there just waiting for me to see.

I almost forgot! I've been waiting since May to blog my Christmas tree. There will also be some seriously Christmas posts this week too.

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