Sunday, 28 October 2007


Its a rare Sunday post from me. I should probably do laundry.

I started working with that lovely yarn from Schaefer, the Ann, titled Earth. I'm making a shawl with it, just a plain ordinary garter stitch shawl. I've hardly used any yarn, and already it's showing off its gorgeous colours. I held it against a knitted swatch of the plain Anne against the shawl, and I am very pleased to say that the dark green Regia is not overwhelming the tones and shading of the yarn. They are working together in a most delightful way.

I've also worked on the sock, and Mr. Needles tried it on. It is - wait for it - a perfect fit to his foot. An absolute dream of a fit. I was worried that following Maia's directions might leave me with too narrow a heel, and if you were looking for perfection, 1 more stitch on each side would have been perfection. Keeping in mind that this is MY knitting and will never be perfect, its not quite worth it to go back and rework the thing for those 2 stitches. BUT I will take a note of it. These are still demo socks - they will be longer in the calf than I have done till now at Mr. Needles request. I may have to add a little more room as I get higher up the calf, so I wait and see.

The heel worked out wonderfully well, and there is a really good chance that this will become the routine heel. There is no grafting, and very little stitching in of ends. I'll like that best of all. Just 2 ends to work in. I will need a calculator for my tool kit, something with legible numbers.

I worked hours on the vest. I thought I would finish up today. I am under the second arm and have found a small but serious error. Somewhere along the line, I suspect row ends, I have managed to drop 10 stitches. Now 10 is really not all that much, but if your underarm count is 36 stitches, well, you know you need every single stitch. So I will rip back. I suspect is going to be a very long way back, and I'm not sure I am up to it today. I can't believe how this vest is working. Well actually I can.

Which is why I am taking a rest. I might do a little embroidery this afternoon. Embroider doesn't usually talk back so late in the game. Yes yes, I know there is the poppy piece.You know, laundry is looking pretty safe.

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Gina said...

Yeah, you threw me off with the Sunday post. So glad the sock fits. Yahoooooooo!