Monday, 29 October 2007

Pictures from the weekends work.

Here we go with pictures. Dial-up just can't handle pictures.
I am just so pleased with how this is looking. The green isn't overpowering, but it becomes a major player. The colour tones work together marvelously. Its soft earthy and is going to do just right.

A little detail, but don't look too close, cause it isn't perfectly even stitching. The blues look even better than in this picture. If I had one wish, it is that I wish it would have been possible to have another skein of this. Its hand painted and not repeated ever, but I could have had a very similar skein with closely matching colours. I intended to make socks, you see, but this wonderful yarn, just screamed something more. When I went back to Red Bird Knits the other very similar skein was gone. It seems someone out there loves this stuff just as much as me!

No stitching is with me at the office today. Last time I did this, I had actual time to work while waiting. I have books with me though, cause its time to figure out the next blanket project.

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