Friday, 26 October 2007

Delusions of...

Getting up early (or maybe it should be late the night before), as I did today is a huge advantage. I can get a lot done, and no one expects me to do housework instead, or make meals or any of those other things that interfere with needlework. Even if I did do those bothersome things people in my house would likely tell me to to quiet down. (It was 4 o'clock, so I'm sure you can see their point.) Whoever said that being hormonally didn't have advantages? All the lovely time, just for play.

I picked up this sock, which is the first toe up gusset heel sock attempt. They will probably be for Mr Needles, since all first heel attempts and awful socks appear to be those slated for him. Note the conservative tan/ brown/gray colour. Whatever happens with the heel, it will be followed by a ribbed calf. I think he will like the fit of that better than the stockinette of my first sock.

Truth be told my finger were antsy, so I put the knitting down, and picked up the vest.

That moved along splendidly. I finished the first back shoulder part and am moving along towards the centre back. The pictures the other day, really did not give you a good idea of how the ridges are showing up, so I took a close-up photo. In fact I took several photos, because the first batch were of the wrong side.

But look at this! I love the way its looking from this 'wrong' side. Where the ridges form on the other side, the stitch pattern is leaving some luscious rounded curves on this side. The other thing, that is not so obvious here, is that the rounded curve is accentuating the slant of the hdc, and making it seem to swirl. Keep in mind this is what I saw pre-coffee, and keep in mind the awful early hour. It was just before 5, so what I saw, may not really be there. I will have to think on it today, and am going to take a long hard look at things tonite. The ridges are nice, but now that I look at it close up, I don't think they are giving me the best bang for my buck. Is this yarn telling me it does not want to be ridges?

Maybe whatever I do with this vest, I should be careful to do it neatly. Maybe it's possible for this peice to be reversible? Is that what this yarn is telling me?

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Gina said...

It is funny because your reasons for getting up early are the same exact reasons why I stay up to the wee hours in the morning. Love my time. Always been a night owl...not a morning glory :)