Wednesday, 26 September 2007

A swatching we will go.

Somewhere over the last few days I managed to find time to swatch the Jagger Heathers yarn.

This knit swatch was knit with 4.5mm needles, but I think to be ideal, I should be using 4's. The fabric is a wee bit open for my taste. The crochet swatch will be next, just not today. It seems all 3 of my size 4 and my 4.5's are in a project right now, or are otherwise occupied and I make it a habit never to take the needles out of the work in progress. The various brands of needles and ages of needles and hooks can make a difference in gauge even though they are technically the same size needle.

Here, I'll show you. The upper needle in the picture is the Red Heart brand needle I am using for the vest. The lower, one of my very ancient and well used set of Tailorform needles. These are not the same size needles, just a sample of the brands.

See how deep and straight cut the Red Heart needle is, and how sharply it becomes full throated? This needle always gives me a more tightly done fabric. The old Tailorforms, perhaps because of decades of use (circa 1976 IIRC) give me a more loosely crocheted fabric. Note its more rounded cut, and much more gradual throat.

There was also the great sweater disaster, to make me a firm needles-with-work for the duration needle person. The fronts were done with a 4.5mm hook and after a time away form the project, the back and sleeves were done with a 4mm hook. People brighter than I would have noticed before trying to sew it together, but not me. I will never ever get over the trauma of thinking all I had to do was put it together and I was done, and ended up having to redo the front.

Specific needles matter for me, and what I start with stays with the work, no compromises.

On the works front, more of the scarf. I'm down to the second last repeat of the Loft strips (I'm using colour 925, which seems to be unavailable everywhere I checked today - try some of the other shades though, its great stuff), and yes, I'll be short about 10 rows over the last 2 large repeats. Ah well. Someday I'll get it right. I'm not concerned. It is after all a scarf, and if the ends are not perfectly matched strip-wise, I can live with that, rather than reknit. When that is done, hopefully tomorrow, you will all get to see the set, Calorimetry and scarf modeled.

And then I have to address, in a very serious fashion, the blankets for giving away. Its a few weeks since I managed to get any squares done, and my goal of October is perilously close. Not that there is pressure mind, but my conscience is going to bug me if I don't get them done before it gets really cold. I want the blankets eventual owner warm the whole winter, not just some measly part of winter.

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Gina said...

The Calorimetry came out beautiful.