Friday, 17 August 2007

Its Friday and I'm on the road

or rather, I will be. Off to Lethbridge tonight for a wedding tomorrow. Thankfully with the van, there is not a whole lot to pack other than clothes for the wedding, and we'll need to make a stop at the grocery store for fresh veggies and bagels. Otherwise its all there. If I never said it before, thanks to dad for getting Mr Needles acquainted with the idea of a vans as the RV of choice.

I did take a look at the work bag though. A 5 hour drive is a needlework free for all, and I in tend to get a lot done. Not on the lace. Its at a tricky point and its not something I can take apart easily. I have dad's 2 black socks to finish, and they will be ready for grafting, and indeed might be done by Sunday. And mom's sock is working just fine now, half way down the foot. I hope to get that one far up the calf before the weekend is over. I started a new skein on the sweater I am crocheting on last evening, and that's not going to take too long to work through. As I contemplated these on the go things, I also considered that hey my hands might be sore after all that, so I'd better have something to do just in case.

Off to the sock yarn stash bag. I took that nice bright yellow yarn, 2 different skeins, that I picked up a while ago, and some blue purchased just the other day (sock yarn isn't really yarn, its accessories, right?). If I need something to do, I can divide this yarn into balls for socks. And I still do have the lovely Red Bird Knits Romney yarn that I think will be a lacy scarf (in case mom can't wear the socks).

What balls for socks you ask? I've really enjoyed working with yarns where 1 skein is one sock. There's no stress, no worry about running out of yarn for sock 2. I've been dividing skeins where there is enough for a pair into two equal balls, so I can work in the same worry free way. Start with a toe, and up I go. All I really need to learn now is a short row heel, and I won't even need to worry about keeping enough for peasant heels.

This knitting adventure has been fun. There is a lot of learning happening as I make my way through socks, and all the many ways to do them. I haven't even used a pattern yet for any of the socks I made, just Yarn Harlot's recipe from Knitting Rules. I might one day decide to make some of the swanky patterns that are available, or buy a sock knitting book, but for now, that pleasure can wait. And then to think, there is a whole lot more crocheted sock ideas I have in my head.

I have in mind some socks with knitted soles, heels, and toes, but crochet on the calves. It could work right?

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