Monday, 13 August 2007

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet

and take the things that have been impeding progress apart.

So I did, and then I reworked Dad's socks to this point. Actually quite a bit farther. It takes out the stiff heel problem and deals with the baggy ankle.

In my head as I was working on them, I have begun to call them my standard men's sock.

It felt freeing, to get that decision out of the way. I pulled out the blanket, and made really good progress on the squares, and I worked a bunch on mom's sock. I restarted back to the beginning of the decorative stitches. Sigh, not everything went well, so back to the drawing board. I'm not touching that lacy bit again until I have a clear enough brain to be move forward.

And I started this.

It doesn't look like much now, but it's a healthy start on a sweater. The weather this past week told me pretty darn clearly, sweater first, vest second. I fully intend to work this this sweater like wildfire - I need it badly for the soon to come chilly mornings. Its a nice little crossed single crochet in both directions, and a simple shape that will work up quickly. Its from the Plus Sized Sweaters to Crochet book from Leisure Arts, in fact its the yellow one shown in the link. The pattern is for a pullover but I'm making it a zip front jacket. That will work better when those late afternoon hot flashes show up.

I ended up crocheting and knitting so much that I think I'm getting a callus on my left hand just where the knitting needles brush my skin as I pick up the yarn, and my thumb on my right hand simply refused to do any more of anything.

So I also read a lot and spent some time online. I was looking at yarn again. I realized how very much I need more yarn. I have to get some kind of yarn for Mr Needles folk's socks, and I will need some for Son 3 and his lovely bride's socks, and by then Mr. Needles will need another pair, and then well, I've had a few requests for second pairs. And I could use a good scarf myself, and a hat for walking, and maybe some mitts...

All these things are on top of the embroidery (more on that later this week), and getting the hardanger pillow top done, and getting some Christmas ornaments crocheted, and then there is a plan to do a few more tatted covers for cheapie satin balls...

So many wonderful things to do, and not a moment to waste.


Gina said...
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Gina said...

O.k...scratched last comment because of major mispelling. Anyhoo...more yarn...yum. I think I need some more too!!!! Give your poor fingers a rest. You are making me want to learn how to crochet socks.