Friday, 10 August 2007


I like making a general plan for a weekend. It gives me the chance to go back on Monday and see how well I have done. Its sort of like a keeping score. This weekend:

I will work on the lace. I'm to the point where I had to think about how I was going to connect it at the wrist, and about decreases. I sort of have that process in my head now, and I figured out the decreases. I'm really hoping that I don't have to frog. I'd really hate to have to frog lace.

I have to go back and pick up a dropped stitch about 10 rows ago on moms socks. I'll be ripping that back tonight.

Dad's black socks? You'll notice how I have not spoken of those in a while. Well, I had son 1 try them on, and they fit fine, so they ought to do right on dad's slightly smaller feet, however...I just don't like that thread reinforced eye of partridge heel. The fabric is awfully stiff, and thick. I don't think dad will enjoy wearing them, because all he will feel is the heel. I've been contemplating ripping back all week to the heel, but when they were tried on, and the ankles were a little baggy (Dad's ankles are possibly slighter than even son1's) as well as the heel, well darn it, I've a mind to rip back the whole sock, and go back to the infinitely comfortable toe up peasant heel. Then again, I could leave them as is, finish the second one, and give them to son1, and just do dad's in that really nice Lornas Laces yarn burning a hole in the big box o' yarn. Its pewter coloured, which will be a whole lot more fun than black.

If I didn't have the crochet afghan to work on, and have the hardanger pillow top in the wings, all' I'd be doing is ripping or praying that I won't have to rip.

Some weeks, sometimes even months are like that when you do needlework. You work and work, and then realize that it was not even up to your most feeble standards. You are faced with the choice of putting it aside, and letting it think about it faults for a while, or you can boldy take out the flaw this very second.

In the real world you seldom get a do over, mistakes even when corrected can haunt you for years, can still influence final outcomes. Words and actions, even the lack of words and action, can't be taken back.

Needlework gives you the chance, in one tiny corner of your life, to correct, to go back, to where it's once again perfect, virginal, as if nothing ever was wrong with any stitch you ever placed. You are renewed, refreshed and clean.

Needlework is like boldly going where no man has gone before, but you look like the crew member who usually dies in the first minutes of an episode, only you don't die, you really are Captain Kirk, (or maybe Mr. Spock), some alien took over your body, made all those mistakes, but you vanquished him, and are back in charge.

Bet you never dreamed this would end with a Star Trek analogy.


Anonymous said...

"Words and actions, even the lack of words and action, can't be taken back."
You are so right. And while I think I've finally come to understand the words and action part (but still do them), I know I need to become more cognizant of the "lack of". I know it's there but still like to live in denial.

And I guess I should say, I've been lurking both here and on Achenblog. It's very interesting. I've been thinking about how that community is so non-internet. It's real human contact rather than quasi-contact where you remain anonymous.

I like anonymous. I still like my walls. It has made me think about how I really am only committed to anything in one area. And really willing to commit anywhere else. I'm a lurker. That's such a great term. But a lurker with some guilt feelings, like I'm listening in to someone's private conversation.

Not sure how to sign...Daughter #2, GD, Guilty lurker, uncommitted (I've thought of a whole bunch of reasons for that one). Have a good weekend (or you'll probably not see this till Monday so hope it was a good weekend)

Needles said...

I snuck by this morning. the Achenblog is very special isn't it?

CP posted about a friend of hers, with an opinion on the imaginary friends this morning. Its was so eloquent, and so very much how it began and why Achenblog continues to be a comfortable place.

"real life friends often serve functions, typically mutual, like carpool, Thanksgiving potluck, raising children of the same age, PTA, sports, work, etc. The friendships that can grow are fine and lovely.

But, re imaginary settings, she said the first link is ideas, with later links being authenticity (even with false names), and the companionship that comes of the life of the mind, the life of the spirit."

Lurking is ok here and there. It has a place and a purpose too. To some of the folks on Achenblog, I think just knowing there is a place where people listen as much as speak, makes all the difference.

It is a lovely place, and it is a rewarding kind of friendship. Don't worry about a name, it's easily adjusted. I think I strted way back when with at least 2 others, and settled on this because well, you know. Plus I'm lazy! 2 keys.

Anonymous said...

Ha! As you can tell by name, I'm usually a lurker too - and I do wish I'd chosen a shorter name!

The terrific thing about the Achenblog is that so many of us have formed deeper friendships, including meeting in the flesh (so to speak). It's amazing when we find out what we have in common - the whole knitting thing has been a revelation to me. Thanks for the obsession reinforcement, dr (and CP, kb, Slyness).


Anonymous said...

re: CP's friend.
Yes I saw that posting later and thought how well it was said.

I see I said in my first comment "Really willing to commint anywhere else" - in case you couldn't tell, I am really UN-willing.

mostlylurking - when I saw your name I thought "that's what I've been doing. Thank you for using it.

It's been interesting reading Achenblog as much for what people are saying and watching the relationships as for what it shows me about myself. I must have some strong male/female prejudices that I haven't been aware of. There are some people whom I assumed to be male but later posts show they are female. It doesn't matter but it has taken me by surprise.

Anyways, I've spent way too much time on line this weekend (and yikes I just looked at the time, but it was enjoyable.

GD (going for the short one)