Monday, 20 August 2007

Goals well met.

I finished the socks! I finished the socks! I am so thrilled at the completion of these darn socks, that I feel like a kid at a candy store.

I don't know what the heck happened to JaWoll, maybe its just a really bad batch, but it was coarse and hard on my hands. Not at all like the yarn I had come to love for its softness and its fineness. The heels need to be completed but that is just a short hour or so of work, and work in any loose ends, and I can send out the demo socks.

The plan is for dad to fit them, and show me exactly where they need to be smaller, bigger, whatever, so they can fit just perfectly.

I also got a fair bit done on mom's lace socks and on the sweater. This evening I'm going to work on the sweater once the socks are finished. There is such a need. Its chilly here in the office in the morning. And once that sweater is done, the vest with the lovely yarn. Can't wait.

Pictures at 11, so to speak. Black sock pictures aren't all that inspiring, but when they are blocked, they will be up.

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