Thursday, 9 August 2007

A cool and chilly day

here on the prairies. For proof, socks. I have a heavy Cotton sweater on, and I am still chilly.

These socks are the reason I simply love Meilenweit Cotton Fun(colourways 502). The toes, heels and ribbing at the top are done with Sisu. (Note to self: always make sure you have enough yarn - this pair, I'd have run out just before the final toe, so I filled in with Sisu) They are warm, they are snugly and they are crocheted. A yarn store once told me they always thought crocheted socks would hurt your feet with all the lumps. Silly yarn store. FYI, this is not the store I refer to as my LYS. I haven't been to that yarn store in a great while. Funny, that. If you doubt the concept of crocheted socks, these socks comfortably, warmly wrapped around my feet are a work of wearable art.

It was grocery night last night, so all I did was a couple of row on socks for my mom. They are testers. She has been having trouble finding comfortable socks, that don't hurt her feet. I'm going to try a pair for her knitted in the Cotton Fun because to date, they are my most cushy to wear. Its going to have a simple lace pattern, or maybe cables up the side, I've not decided. Anyway, my favourite toe up, peasant heel returns.

I have been looking for more crochet books, lately, ones with wearables. I found that the ones that stay in the shops are the ones I have. This morning, I bring to you yet another book review.

Crocheted Sweaters by Susan Huxley

This book has a great section how to section. She clearly discusses one of the biggest crochet conundrums of all time, the turning chain. (In my opinion, turning chains are going to be project specific issues. The turning chain has to be an integral part of the pattern on circular pieces such as doilies.) Good diagrams and instructions how to deal with it. In the same area she has good resources on needles sizes, patterns sizing used in the book, and she has a picture of yarn weights of all yarns used for projects in the book. A nice all around information and how to section.

There are some truly lovely designs in this book by a group of highly respected designers. I have made 3 designs from it, one of them twice. There are several more projects that I fully intend to make, I just need to find a yarn to inspire me. There is a design that uses beads. There are designs for some of the fun yarns that have been popular over the last few years. There are all kinds of things in here that can inspire you to expand your crochet horizons.

And yet, for all the great good in this book, it is has problems. The designs are uneven in quality. There are a couple of real stinkers and enough so-so designs that had I had a chance to view the book first, I probably wouldn't have bought it. The projects are photographed as is, no models, and this book makes me wonder if models wearing the sweaters wouldn't have displayed the designs to better advantage.

If this is your first pattern book purchase, give this one a pass. Its good, but not great. If you are looking to expand and inspire your crochet experience, give this one a pass. If you are looking for some good basic designs for all seasons, without a lot of fussy stitches, there is lots here to keep you working a good long while.

This books is rated a Half-double crochet on my bookshelves.

**Since I seem to be doing a lot of book reviews, I've come up with a little crochet inspired rating system. Details at the bottom of the blog.**

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Gina said...

I love the crochet rating system. It is quite clever :) Check on Amazon...there are quite a few books that I am interested in that have yet to come out. Thanks for the review.