Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Lace in the Park

I've been very careful to work on the lace project where I was certain I wasn't going to lose needles, or lose concentration. I'd pretty much only worked on it in the study very early on Saturday mornings for an hour or so. After that I started making too many mistakes. The project wasn't progressing.

The lace has its own work bag,and its usually buried under other yarns. The new shelves mean there is more organization to the stash. So it was right handy when I was looking for something to take to work with me.

It was lovely weather here, so I went down to the park to work on it, and I found lace is the perfect park project. Can't lose needles, the grass isn't long. There are very few people around so concentration is not a problem, and since I can only work on the lace for a short time before I start making serious errors, it was the perfect timekeeper project. I had a little problem working on simple socks in the park. I had a tendency to stay out for longer than an hour.

I wish I could get good pictures of this work, but it's not possible without pins.

Park tables are pin resistant. My lovely lace is just a pile of fuzz. It actually struck me, that its exactly the right length for a Barbie skirt and it has just the right sort of drape. It would be a criminal wast though to use it just for a toy.

I will console myself by showing you my little trick. I've used the doubled over elastic to make an end on these small dpns since I started the project, and all along I have worried about stitches slipping off. It finally occurred to me yesterday that all I had to do was go back through the elastic.

Some days I'm just a little slower than others. Its amazing I can make it through the day.

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dmd said...

"Some days I'm just a little slower than others. Its amazing I can make it through the day."

Do I ever know what you mean with that statement, you verbalized exactly how I feel many times.

Lovely work.