Thursday, 2 August 2007

Adventures in yarn buying.

Yesterday began with a full yarn budget. By the end of the day, there was no yarn budget left. I will have to be very, very good this month, and stay far away from stores of any kind.

I spoke of vests in a new book last week. I picked up some Blue Moon yarn, I think its this one , a wonderfully rich teal colour, and pumpkin, in the medium weight Socks That Rock. Its sort of a shame that I have forgotten the name, I will admit to being mystified that I did not take a picture of it last night. But its lovely and I am looking forward to working with it, to wearing a vest out of that splendid yarn.

I looked at the Noro Silk Garden for the other vest, and at a possible alternate, the Kureyon, but the cost of both of those was quite a bit higher. These delicious things will have to wait till I have been good for 2 months.

I also picked up some teeny tiny needles. My smallest set to date was the set I am using for the lace project, shown here (I'm looking forward to much work on these this weekend). They are a 1.75 mm, and make the most delicate knitting I could imagine till now.

Yesterday I found a set of 1.5 mm needles, steel. I sort of stood there amazed at their delicacy. Then I noticed off in the corner, something smaller.

1.25 mm needles, steel, with points so dainty that they could be used for sewing. They are finer than my tatting needle. I have no idea what I would ever knit with them, but it would surely be fit for the gods. I only knew I had to have them. It took about 5 minutes to get them out of the package and into the needle case. I caught myself just rolling the 5 of them in my fingers, over and over again. They are so fine and smooth. I wish there was a way to send the feel of them over the Internet. Makes me sigh just thinking about it.

Dad's first sock is just about done, down to the toe, which won't even take all of lunch. Grafting to do, but I have several darning needles with me. And then I am going to finish the neat little socks out of the Confetti yarn - second sock down. I think I'm giving these to my sister. She, and she will know which sister she is, said she wouldn't mind a pair of socks, so they are hers. She will probably have more socks than she wants before I am through the sock phase (there is always the fearsome question, will the sock phase ever end?) . I really should have warned her.

To my friend, mostlylurking, I'm a real enabler aren't I? I do feel just a tiny bit guilty about that but I do recall something about who sent that link to whom. LOL The link took a hidden little crochet and needlework obsession, into a full out public obsession of the first order. Its doilies run amok, and its very very good for our souls. I never dreamed, not once, that this world existed online. In case you doubt it, I bless the sender of that link every day.

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Sally Comes Unraveled said...

The STR looks great!

I need tiny needles, because my gauge is so ridiculously loose. I own some US 00 (1.75 mm) That I had to use with DK yarn for the edging on my Cherry Bomb tank. I was happy to find here that they apparently make gauges down to US 00000000.