Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Book reviews

Waiting for mail always makes me anxious. Where is it, what's happened, did they deliver it wrong and some other person will get my yarn/ books/ other assorted things I order? Then one day, you stop at the mailbox, and magic pours forth. I got my books from Hampstead House. My very first knitting books for my library of many things, and something cool to crochet.

Knitting in the Round, edited by Jeanne Stauffer has some very nice patterns, and has already done its job. I read how to start those nice tight little centres that I see on pillows, and doilies. The broad range of patterns is interesting. A few really neat ideas for home, lamp shade covers, and the like. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but a book shouldn't just be about making the patterns. A book should open our eyes to possibilities, and this one has many, many possibilities in it. A myriad of patterns, and I'm sure there will be many more things to learn within.

Quick Knits to Wear also edited by Jeanne Stauffer, also very good. The Amazon Reviewers sound a little harsh to me. For beginner knitters (sort of like me), or knitters without patterns, like me, this is a great book. It has basics, it has quick to knit, and it has some patterns that are down right delightful, and I can see myself giving them a go, if I ever get over the weight of larger than sock weight yarn on my wrists. If someone says knit me a tank, I have the tools to do so. The book might not be trendy, it might not expand your boundaries, but there are times you need the comfort of a simple easy project, without all the fripperies, and detailed constructions of the trends of the day. The book gets my thumbs up.

And finally, most wonderfully, Classic Crocheted Vests by Nancie M Wiseman. Ah such a book. I love this book as much as I love the books by Jane Snedden Peever , Crocheted Aran Sweaters and More Crocheted Aran Sweaters. These books are the kind of books that will help you expand your craft in very wearable ways. And as all we crocheters know, good sweater books, good wearables are a very new concept.

In Classic Vests, I instantly found at least 2 things that are already on the going-to-be-made list. The bottom of the pictures here made in Noro (I linked to only one of the many Noro yarns...Sorry, got side tracked looking at yarns and colourways for a minute), a wondrous project for some seriously wondrous yarn. The second vest that will be made is the first vest featured on the cover. I don't know what they are making this in, I don't think I care. But I am going to make it in something from Blue Moon . Almost every colourway would work, each giving a different look to the vest, so really its going to come down to a discussion between me and my LYS, as to which colourway is going to show off the tremendous vitality of the Blue Moon colourways best. Or maybe 2 colourways. Or more. And then again, that vest would look great in...

Could someone call me when my feet touch the ground.

On more practical matters, I started and restarted dad's socks, only to start again. sigh. This morning, before getting ready for work, I tried again, and this time I've got it! (patting self on back) I'm so glad that's over.

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Gina aka monkeybabies said...

Your new books sounds great. And the vests you picked out are gorgeous. I did here that vests are making a comeback this fall, so you will be all set. I have been dying to try Noro, just haven't found the right pattern yet. Can't wait to see those vests in progress.