Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Hot August Nights

Wow August. I've always had a strong regard for August. August is when everything ripens, when you prepare for fall, when you bring in the crops, you close out the garden. August is canning and freezing and making jam . August is when you get all your new winter clothes and new shoes for school, and when the winter catalogues come out. Late August is a signal that life is going back to normal,back to routine, with everybody at their desks raring to go (for school children and office people alike). August is the month before September, and for all intents and purposes her in my part of Canada, the start of fall. I love fall most of all the seasons. Fall is crisp and sweaters and warmth to wear when your toes are chilly. In honour of August and night temperatures that went down to 10 C, I am wearing my new lace socks for the first time. I'll probably have to take them off midday, but hey, for now my toes are warm.

It was really early and I was wide awake and darn it there is nothing worse than just lying in bed unable to sleep. Might as well get up to do something. I knitted my dads socks this morning. Mom told me he's always cold these days, so I am hoping a really good pair of warm washable wool socks is just what he needs. I also hope they fit. I didn't realize till now that I don't know what size my dads feet are. I have a suspicion that they are pretty close to Mr. Needles feet, but I think a bit smaller. So Mom, if you are reading today, please comment what size shoe dad wears. Once I have that, I'll know what to do.

I completed the heel flap on his socks,did the heel turn, and am just past the gusset since I got up this morning. The heel flap turned out beautifully doing exactly what it was supposed to do in the order it was supposed to do it, and no messing around. The picked up stitches were perfectly matched. It was an amazing piece of work, and I think I will continue to be stunned by sock heels of all kinds to the day I die.

I also managed to put together some boxes I bought to store some yarn under my study bench, and I read one of the 2 new booklets that I picked up yesterday at Micheal's. Oh forgot to mention that.

On the way home from work I went to Micheal's, but I didn't buy any yarn. A couple books, the pamphlets, and a few knick knacks, knitting and crocheting tools, but no yarn. I did savour yarn. I touched and felt for quite a while on the vast stores of Paton's Classic Merino . They had a wonderful colour selection.... OK I will admit that it was only possible to leave that yarn behind because I already have plans for this months wool money, and since they involve some Noro, or some Blue Moon yarn, I did manage that feat.

The booklet I mentioned is one I have been looking for, for a long time. I considered buying it online, but just never got around to it. This is money well spent. The booklet is Plus Sized Sweaters to Crochet from Leisure Arts. 6 patterns and in my head thousands of possibilities. I've already decided to use yarn from the ill fated knitted vest (I got bored) for one of the basic sweaters in this book.

So here we are, projects piling up, ready to go, a bunch on the needles and some embroidery in the wings. I love August, simply love August.

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Gina said...

I have been eyeing Noro silk garden and kyreon (sp?) for some time. Have you used it yet? I will add that to my list. So, it sounds like the Plus sized sweaters booklet is worth getting. It is so hard to find sweaters that fit the full figure.