Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Too Hot

For northern peeps, like me, yesterday was too darn hot. I melted when I stepped out of the air conditioned office, I melted when I had a simple supper of bean salad, I melted right up until I made the very wise decision to go into the hot tub.

At first glance, the hot tub seems an odd choice for a very hot day, but we lower the temperature down to just slightly below body temperature, and its wonderful.

But that did not lead to a lot of needlework. I did try to cast on a top down sock last evening, but I recall why I really enjoyed starting at the toe. I hate casting on. I hate how the first couple rows take a lot of thinking till the ribbing is established. I'll be starting over later today. Sigh. I'm starting my dad's socks, so I want them to be just right, and there is a tidiness to a top down, flap and gusset sort of sock that I have not yet figured out in toe up socks. I am thinking about toe up with a short row heel, but I think for his first pair I will do it the way I know I can get good results.

Sitting in the tub did allow for much garden contemplation. Its a riot of colour right now. Bluey purpley colours, pinkey reds, bright orangey peachys, some strong yellow, and softer airier cerise. Its a little wild, It's a little floopy (not a spelling error) and I like it. It needs work, it needs some fill ins, and some moving of plants but there is a wild loveliness in the hillside even so.


Anonymous said...

This is my second attempt.

I got your link this time. I must say I was surprised. I don't know why though - it is very much you. I love that you write just the way you talk. I decided to read all the May posts first. And looking at this one as well as the other pictures of your yard reminds me...did I ever tell you how much I love your yard? I guess I have a few times.

Needles said...

You did. Many times. Funny how few posts are about anything other than needlework. I try to tell people I have a life, but I don't think I am doing a very good job.

dmd said...

Lovely pictures of the hillside, looks so lush and full.