Monday, 23 July 2007

My team lost, but...

things came together fairly well!

See the tiny little Green and white socks? One of the gents at the table on seeing the knitting, said Issac (his son) could use a pair. He said this as a joke, but I took it as a challenge. Beverage consumption and chatting slowed me down, but by the end of game time, I completed half a sock. Next morning, I finished it, and did up the other one, and lay them in the sun to dry after blocking. So here you have one tiny sun soaked pair of Saskatchewan Roughrider game day socks.

And the next day, I completed Son2's socks but for the blocking. I love this boy, don't get me wrong, but he has big feet. There was a point where I was pretty sure they would never be done. There was acres of socks being knit. I knit feet I tell you, whole yards. Even so, there were points along the way, where the ribbing simply did not grow, where length seemed to be consuming itself. Finally, yesterday late in the evening, I managed to get the last heel done.

My fingers are itchy for the next item, and itchy for my lacy project. I'll have to work hard to get something done at work for daydreaming about that lace.

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