Friday, 20 July 2007

Yarn Hunting

I have to go yarn hunting today down at my LYS.

Mr needles has issued a challenge. He is taking me to the Edmonton Eskimos Green & Gold room tonite for dinner and football. He says I should knit something in geen and white because we are both from Saskatchewan and we have religiously deep ties to The Riders. So I will. While watching the game. Then again, I might crochet. The goal is to have it complete by the time the game is done. Hopefully the evening is not too stinking hot.

I have to get me some needles too, since I left the work bag at home. (Is that a transparent excuse to buy that other set of dpns I've been needing or what?)


I seem to be in full aquisition mode.

1 comment:

dmd said...

You are very brave to knit/crochet in green and white at an Eskimos game.

Didn't mention it earlier but your Christmas garland is spectacular, such tiny work I am amazed.