Friday, 27 July 2007

I'm working on it. Reeeeeally

See? Progress. One sock done, the toe started for number 2 of the pair, there is some black ribbing on the other needles. You just can't see it against my black desktop. In my mind its even bigger than it looks.

I also worked on the squares for the afghan, decided on 2 squares, and did up several of them. I am working them together as I go, but the squares use single crochet for the final round, and I think it would be an easy thing to set them up so I can do the last round and work them together at some later point . I'm looking for portability, and that is the one way to get it.

For the fancy square, I'm doing what the pattern book, or is it this one is calling a Russian granny square. It uses 4-half-double crochet groupings. These have a softer look than a bobble, and are not fussy to make. The plain square is a good old fashioned granny, only open on the corners.

I will have some pictures of a section really late today. 3 squares doesn't show the project off very well. As I played with squares last night, ripping a few clunkers, and figuring out the stitches, and getting into my crochet rhythm, I knew instantly which pattern square was right, and what the accompanying square should be.

Crochet is such a natural form of work for me. Nothing tops a double crochet, or single crochet piece for ease of work. Even the fancy patterns form a tune in my head that hums along as I play. By the end of a round, or series of pattern rows, its rooted, and I can put the book aside for a good long while, till I need to change for the underarms, or shoulders or till the blanket is done. Mr needles, does a really funny take of my hands moving as I crochet. He flaps his hands and his elbows fly... things wave and weave according to his way of seeing it.

What I hear in my head as I work though is very different. Almost mystical. Its a song of sorts, a rhythm, a not quite melody of movement, of string. Maybe that is what keeps me going back to crochet, maybe that is what keeps knitters going back to knitting. The endless rhythm, the patterns of our hands. String work is a lot like music. It surely is a melody.


Gina said...

I don' know if you are into podcasts or not, but I am quite fond of Brenda Daynes Cast-on. When you wrote about how crocheting the loops makes you feel, it remided me of my favorite episode on crochet. Check it out.
Oh yes, the socks are coming along.
Guess what? I am so excited I have to tell someone. I am gonna go see the Yarn Harlot next week. Have you ever seen her?

Gina said... again. I HAVE to get that book. Next time I get a 40% off coupon at my local craft store, I will have to pick it up. I have taken it out of the library...and I attemped to make a sock, but did not quite finish.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the Yarn Harlot's coming to my town in Sep! And I have a friend to see her with!

I have bought sock yarn but haven't attempted to knit one yet. I may have to take a class. Seeing a bunch of people knitting socks on double pointed needles and itty bitty yarn last night intimidated me even more. I bought alpaca yarn for a scarf - soft, rosy pink with pale yellow highlights. Need a lacy pattern...

And then there's my knitted afghan, started many years ago, with a diabolical pattern that I will never internalize. Which is why I'll keep some crocheted dish cloths going to calm me down...