Thursday, 26 July 2007


I am perfectly capable of counting to 2. Knit, purl, just should not be that hard to get right. And yet, the sock for my dad that I started on, had to be frogged 2, yes 2 more times before I had a simple ribbing properly begun.

After that solving that problem, and feeling very devastated, I sat down and worked on my confetti sock, (go down a picture or two)and got to the ribbing. Don't ask. But I worked through that fiasco, and managed to get a fair bit done on that ribbing too. I should have sock one of that pair complete after lunch. I'm kind of looking forward to a nice simple cast 12 on, and knit blindly for a while.

I think I could be good at knit blindly. Its only when I am forced to think about this knitting stuff that it all falls apart.

To make myself feel better, I did the foundation row for an afghan. Its in a sort of gray green colour, and the wool feels so bulky in comparison to the sock yarn, bulky, but nice. Its really cheap acrylic but I believe all yarn has a place in the world. The acrylic is really only disappointing to work with after the lovely wools. I began the blanket with 156 chains, and then 5 or 6 rows of work in a crumpled griddle stitch pattern, and you know what? Yeah, I'll be frogging that tonight.

The afghan will be to give to Blankets for Canada and I want it to be nice a warm, so I picked that griddle stitch knowing it will give some texture, and yet be easy to do without carrying around the pattern book. But a blanket also should be something I enjoy doing. I'm need a project that is simple enough to do while walking slowly on my treadmill too. On reflection, when I frog, it will probably be a good thing. In my head I think I see a strip or granny square construction, maybe alternating a plain granny, solidly filled in with a lighter lacier granny or a granny made with puffed stitches. I need to think more while I work on the socks at lunch time.

When I look back on the last few days, and all the frogging, I am comforted that I had the wisdom to leave the lacy project alone.

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Gina said...

Frogging is such a drag...but sometimes, it just has to be done. I can't believe you walk on your treadmill as you crochet. Man, you have coordination.