Friday, 1 June 2007

Shawls and so much more.

While cruising the interent today, I came across This .

Now is that not just the most amazing thing to find when I am talking about making shawls, and lace. This concept will be perfect for my leftover lace weights. Thank you Mrs. Who, whoever you are. This is going to be great for my girls - who are really not my girls. (I can firmly state that my boys bring home the nicest girls.)

And then there is this pattern from a favourite book Crochet Your Way On the page that says part 3, Creative Projects, you will see a picture of the shawl I plan to do. This one will be for my mom, and will be for Christmas in the purest most loveliest of whites.

Now to address something else, from an entirely different source. I have used the name Canadianneedles and Needles in another segment of my online life. I keep getting little clues that some of you who know me from these sources, are visiting. Welcome friends, welcome. Just me, and proof positive that I can't spell, and my grammar is still atrocious.

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