Friday, 1 June 2007

Contemplating lace

Now that the socks are complete, I'm sort of hanging around, whiling away the hours, till I can con someone into holding the yarn for me while I take it from the hank stage into a workable ball. I bought online so I can't do the store thing - that would seem rude to me - and I don't have a swift and a ball winder.

The yarn is Filatura di Crosa's Centolavaggi there is no way to describe this yarn except to say its is delicious. It feels like it's going to melt in your hand it's so soft. I simply cannot wait to work with it.

Oops I got a little lost over there at Red Bird Knits. Its a wonderful little online yarn shop. It is the source for the Centolavaggi, and I also picked up some really nice Jagger Superfine Merino Lace.

These days, I seem to get a little lost over the yarn shops, online and in person. I could wax poetic, but well, you all know how I feel. So much great yarn out there.

When I can, I purchase from my local shop River City Yarns It's a great store. As is Ewe Asked for It, another of my local stores. Sadly they don't have an online presence. Don't tell River City, but I am currently stalking their supply of Fleece Artists yarns. And their Noro yarns. And so many more. They are just close enough to get over there on lunch, have a wonderfully tactile time.

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