Monday, 4 June 2007

Lace and Wristwarmers

On Saturday there was a sucker sighting at my house, and I grabbed him. He held the lace weight yarn while I made a workable ball. A swift and ball winder would be valuable additions to the tools of my trade.

I pondered how to begin. I really have no patterns only a loose idea of what I want. something delicate, and sexy, not at all handwarmery in the practical sense. Because this is not a project that I can try on the recipient as I go, I am going to have to take that into account. I plan to make a button closure, something that could be adjusted to fit simply by moving the buttons. That means to me that I have to have a bit of a more substantial outer edge, so I began like this.

I'm going to make this piece a test for width, and buttoning to see if what I am thinking will work. I've tried a couple other patterns, and so far this simple chain pattern wins. I might shorten chains (this sample is ch 5) to make a more dainty looking fabric. The general plan is to end up with something like the wrist warmer from Lily Chin's Couture Crochet Workshop with that lovely pointed effect, looped over the finger.

Opinions on the lace choice and project plan would be greatly appreciated.

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CeePee Minxterbloom said...

Oh my DR. I LOVE your site. Will enjoy a browse later...but must take son of CP to music and then swimming.

Knitting some liverworts...I belibe that could be possible.