Wednesday, 13 June 2007


That is how I feel this morning. The first pink sock is complete, and tried on. The heel fits poorly. I am keeping in mind that it is the girl with the morphing foot that is trying it on. I am keeping in mind that this sock is not for her, but for her sister (who probably has that same genetic flaw), but the heel seemed to be in the wrong place, too low on her foot. It kept trying to slip to her instep. I think that the heel might be too shallow, or maybe I made the flap too long. Back to the drawing board.

Maybe it would help if I used an actual pattern. There has got to be a trick to this whole frogging thing. At this rate, I will have more experience frogging than knitting.

Crochet is so much simpler. There is always that measure of safety, that if this becomes too ugly, I can still make socks with all my lovely new yarn.

Update: Girl with the morphing foot tried on her sister's sock again, and voila, a closer looks shows that the socks are just too short in the foot. They need to be reknit, of course, because the calf is just too darn large, but the heel turn is indeed as I suspected, just perfect, thank you very much. I feel much better about this whole heel turn thing.

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