Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The socks

Every once in a while in a needle persons life, there comes a peice of yarn or thread that just will not cooperate.

This is once such yarn. I have crocheted the top of socks 4 times with this Trekking yarn, in the Jacquard pattern. It was doing lovely stripes. It was fascinating watching them. Each time the proposed recipeint tried them on, they were too big. Or too small. 4 stitches apparently made that much difference. I am trying this new pattern, hopefully a very stretchy one (again from Crocheted Socks ) called Ribbed Hikers. I had it ready to put the heel on first time round when I got her to try it on. Too big. So I ripped. I took out 6 stitches. Still. Too. Loose. The picture above is just before I ripped. Again. This girl must have the strangest legs and feet anywhere. They morph to whatever size the sock isn't. This is the last go before this yarn is consigned to posterity and the depths of the yarn pile.

This is this mornings work. Rather than making it smaller by stitches, I have gone down to a 2 mm hook and will go back to the 3mm hook when I get to the heel. I hope that this will compensate for the slightly slack top, but will still give us the stretch and the total width we need to get it comfortable over her heel.

I have come to realize that it might be helpful to ummm, measure, or at the very least, read the actual sock instructions with respect to size. Which is so not like me. Or maybe look at this girls legs and consult with her mother. Her mother would probably tell me that her socks never stayed up, that no socks ever really fit her. Or not.

Sigh. I will keep you updated.

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