Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Still more of the socks

You know how some projects just keep trucking. Well so do the socks for the amazing morphing foot. I completed the first sock last evening and did not run out of yarn. I have a tiny bit left over. Making socks for smaller feet and thinner legs means you can do it with 1 skein.
And here it is. If there was a band around, I'd have them play.

Usually by the time the first sock is complete, I have the second sock worked past the heel. It helps me make sure the 2 socks were made the same way, the same number of stitches. (I forget easily) It lets me adjust on the fly as it were. Anyway, 1 more session and we shall have a pair.
This point, this almost complete place is my favourite time in a project. It's where you can taste the finish, and where you begin to dream of the next stitches on a new project.
My next piece is sort of a surprise. I will show it here as we go, because I am pretty sure that the intended recipient does not stitch.

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