Wednesday, 13 January 2021


My knitting time yesterday was spent putting the heel in a sock.

As you can see from sock one, this is a shortie sock and for that, I am really glad.  I am in an I hate knitting sock heels' period and really wished I did not have to knit that heel.  That it is short above the heel is a delight.  I got that heel done by telling myself that it would be over soon.

The "I hate Heels' thing goes into wearing them too.  I have a few ratty old pairs of plain tube socks and those are the ones I grab to put on if the are in the sock drawer.  The new pair I finished last week hasn't made it to the sock drawer yet.  It has been worn washed and dug out from the laundry basket to wear!

I suspect this reveals something about me right now, about my mood and the way I feel.  It goes right along with my not feeling settled in my knitting and my inability to work on an existing knitted project without starting a dozen more.  I am grumpy about everything.  I sleep but I am tired.  I am not sick, but I do not feel well at all.  

I suspect that this is a pandemic interlude.  I do not have the virus, but staying at home all the time, the lack of freedom to choose to stay i or go, may  be getting to me.  I hope not because there are a few more months of this for sure.  There will likely be a lessening of the restrictions as summer comes but that is a long time away.

I have two more pairs on the go and both of them are on the first sock of the pair, so both of those are going to be plain, heelless socks.  I am not starting any socks till those are complete, but then, I think I will aim for plain and simple.  I have been thinking about knitting from the Operation Sock Drawer book, but I think I am going to leave that to the side and just knit plain socks in brillisnt yarn.  

Socks have cured me before.  I am going to put my trust in them to cure me now.

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